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    Skin as soft and loveable as a baby.

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    Faces as light and serene as a feather.

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    Hair as voluminous and silky as fur.

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    Lips as smooth and shiny as velvet.

Key USPs

  • Handmade-With-Love
    Handcrafted with Love

    Every product is handcrafted in small batches because artisanal skincare requires special attention.

  • 100%-Natural
    100% Natural

    All our products are toxin-free and eco-friendly, celebrating a chemical-free lifestyle

  • /Cruelty-Free
    Cruelty Free

    Our products aren’t tested on animals, just on beauty loving volunteers. Our furry friends are never troubled.

  • Powdered-Form
    Powdered Form

    Most of our products are available in powdered form, thus giving you better value for your money and more volume of product.

winnies candor Key USP
winnies candor story

Our Story

Your Gateway to Beautiful Skin

Headquartered in Lonavala, Maharashtra, Winnie’s Candor is a Natural Skincare Brand offering 100% Natural & Herbal Skincare products. All our offerings are handcrafted with love and help in nurturing and protecting your beautiful skin. After using our natural products, you will adore how special your skin feels and love your inner and outer appearance. Plus, it is a natural confidence booster too! When you know the products you’re using are safe for the planet too, it’s your contribution towards a beautiful future as well.

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Our Secret

Experience the Magic of Our Products Graceland

With so many products claiming to be natural and pure, how do you find something that works for your skin and your wallet? Come to Winnie’s Candor. We specialize in ‘Powder’ and ‘No Soap’ concept. Many of our products including Face Wash, Body Wash, Scrubs, Face Packs, etc. are available in powdered form. The quantity of the powder multiplies as you mix liquid content, thus enabling you to use our products for a longer time.

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winnies candor secret

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