Winter Care Tips for Dry Skin

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Winter season is great, right? You get to wear all those fashionable winter clothes, sleep cozily in the blanket, relish hot beverages and whatnot. These are some of the reasons, while most of us look forward to the winter season every year. However, like every story, there is a bit of sadness to this story too. The bitter truth about this season is that, while you may enjoy the winter season, your skin might not, especially if you have dry skin.

Does this make you sad? Well, don’t be. With our winter care routine for dry skin, your skin will enjoy the winter season as much as you. So, get ready to follow this amazing routine to keep your skin smooth and lively in this cold season.

Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin During Winter Season

  1. Prefer Lukewarm Water Over Hot Water: As much as you would enjoy bathing in hot water, you should try to stick to lukewarm water. Wondering why? Well, hot water robs your skin of moisture. This, in turn, leads to cracking, bleeding, and dullness of your skin. Hence, it is better to use lukewarm water to avoid stripping your skin of natural oils.

  2. Use a Moisturising Body Wash: During winters, dry skin becomes even drier and itchy. In fact, it needs to be moisturized more than other skin types. In such a case, applying just moisturizer won’t be enough. So, what else should you use? Well, use a moisturizing body wash like Milk and Honey Powdered Body Wash from Winnie’s Candor. With milk and honey as two of its major ingredients, this body wash repairs your dry skin and gives it a smooth texture.

  3. Choose Your Moisturizer Carefully: Don’t get moved by all those ads you see on the television. Some of the moisturizers contain petroleum-based ingredients which will actually dry your skin even further. Hence, choose a moisturiser for your dry skin very wisely because what works for other skin types might not actually work for you. For your dry skin, opt for an oil-based or water-based moisturizer as this will help your skin retain moisture in the cold and dry winter season.

  4. Shield Your Skin: We often wear gloves and scarves to protect our skin from the sun’s heat. But, do we do the same in winters? Well, the answer is no simply because during winters sun’s rays mostly feel soothing. We tend to ignore the sunscreen as well. This is actually like treating your skin the wrong way in the winter season. You should wear gloves and scarves, even if it does not snow in your area, to protect your skin from harsh winter winds. Also always wear sunscreen when stepping out during the day time simply because only the seasons change, the sun stays the same. In simple words, winter sun is as damaging as the summer season. Hence, apply a sunscreen to protect your exposed skin area from the sun’s harmful radiations.

  5. Drink Plenty of Winter: We often don’t drink as much water in the winter season as we do during the winter season. One of the simplest reasons is that we want something hot like coffee, cocoa, etc. It is good to relish drinks of the season but doesn’t forget that your skin needs hydration from inside too. So drink at least 2 liters of water every day even during the winter season.

These are 5 very simple winter skincare tips for dry skin, isn’t it? Make these tips a part of your daily routine during the winter season and your skin will be smooth and glowing and enjoy winter season as much as you.