Why Coffee Cocoa Hibiscus Face Pack is Great for Skin Care?

Why Coffee Cocoa Hibiscus Face Pack is Great for Skin Care?

There are so many natural skincare products available in the market. While some are good for one skin type, some for another skin type. It is hard to find a skincare product that is good for all skin types, isn’t it? Well, we have the perfect skincare product that suits all skin types – Coffee Cocoa Hibiscus Face Pack.

Wondering how a single product be suited for all skin types? Well, it can be if it is made from all-natural ingredients without the use of chemicals. Moreover, the Winnie’s Candor Coffee Cocoa Hibiscus Face Pack is available in powdered form. So, you can mix it with milk, curd, water or any other liquid depending on your skin type.

Now, coming to the main topic, why is this face pack great for skincare. The simple answer is because it is made from plant-based ingredients without the use of any chemicals. It is also free from sulfate and paraben which often causes allergic reactions on the skin.

Diving a bit deeper into the details of the product, it is made from Coffee, Cocoa, Hibiscus, Orange and Bentonite Clay.

Coffee: Coffee is great for exfoliation. It also helps in getting rid of puffiness around the eyes. Coffee contains antioxidants which provides protection harmful UV radiation from the sun. Apart from antioxidants, coffee also contains stimulants and chlorogenic acid which makes it effective against acne. Coffee also balances the natural pH of your skin and also moisturizes it.

Cocoa: Cocoa contains flavanols that help in reducing the harmful effects of the harmful radiations from the sun while also enhancing the elasticity and hydration. Elasticity – what does that really mean? Well, elasticity helps reducing fine lines, wrinkles and also the appearance of scars.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus is actually a multi-utility plant whose flowers are great for skin and leaves for hair. These flowers are rich in antioxidants that helps in reversing the damages caused to your skin by UV rays, pollutants, diseases, and dust. It also natural surfactants that helps you in cleansing your skin a natural way.

Orange: Oranges are refreshing, aren’t they? This refreshing fruit is rich in citric acid which helps in reducing pimples. It also helps with skin lightening and rejuvenation. Oranges are also said to improve your skin texture and also provide anti-aging benefits.

Bentonite Clay: This ingredient of Winnie’s Candor Coffee Cocoa Hibiscus Face Pack possesses adsorbent power which is said to be helpful in removing excessive oil and impurities from the skin and also treating acne. It is also said to provide protection against the harmful radiations of the sun and detoxify your skin.


To sum up, the Coffee Cocoa Hibiscus Face Pack from Winnies Candor is the perfect natural skincare product to get smooth, glowing and rejuvenated skin. It removes whiteheads and blackheads, uplifts your dull skin and makes your skin look perfect for every occasion.