Why Choose Winnie’s Candor Products?

Why? It is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think of buying any new skincare or hair product, isn’t it? We should also know the answer to this question to ensure that we are buying a certain product or product because we actually need it and not out of any influence. So, here I am giving you some of the reasons why you should invest your money in Winnie’s Candor Products.

  • Handcrafted with Love – Each and every product of Winnie’s Candor is made in small batches and not in bulk. This is simply because artisanal skincare requires special attention and we do not believe in compromising with the quality.
  • 100% Natural – Our products are 100% natural. We do not use any chemicals as we are aware that how the use of chemicals can harm your skin in the long run. Our products are toxin-free and eco-friendly. After all, our objective is to give you beautiful flawless skin naturally.
  • Cruelty-Free – Just like you we love animals too. This is why we ensure that our products are not tested on speechless creatures.
  • Powdered Form – Most of our products are not available in gel or liquid form but powdered form. Why you ask? Well, there are four major reasons behind it. Firstly, skincare products in powdered form are customizable. You can mix it with gel, water, yogurt, rosewater or simply water depending on your skin type and what suits your skin. Secondly, it is easy to carry while traveling. Just make sure that you have closely closed the container and you do not have to worry about it spilling inside your bag and creating a mess. This is not the case with liquid skincare products. Thirdly, because powdered skincare products do not contain water and are in dry state, they have a longer shelf life as compared to other products. Fourthly, the powdered form of our products ensures that you get more volume of product and better value for money.

Winnie’s Candor products are filled with the goodness of natural ingredients like papaya, lemon, aloe vera, green tea, honey and more that ensure that you get beautiful and flawless skin with no harmful effects in the long or short term.