Is ever skin care all natural?

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These days, people don’t just sell skincare products. They sell natural skincare products. Yes, there is a strong emphasis on the word “natural”. The major reason behind these people these days are of the fact that a major proportion of the skincare products they have been using for a long time have certain chemicals that are harmful to their skin and even their health in the long run. Thanks to the internet, people have access to information from all around the world and they are more concerned about their skin and health today than ever. However, the bigger question is are those skincare products marketed as 100% natural really all-natural?

The answer can be yes and no depending on your approach. Many products although are made from natural ingredients, contain a little number of synthetic chemicals to increase their shelf life. Now, because they are made from natural ingredients, they are considered to be natural skincare products. While some people are ok with it, some are not. On the other hand, there are certain products that are made from natural ingredients and have no chemicals added to it. Such products are often very expensive and have a very less shelf life as compared to other products. For many people, this is the correct definition of 100% natural skincare products.

How to Identify 100% Natural Skin Care Products?

Well, the answer is quite simple. The first thing you have to check is if the brand that is marketing their products as natural and chemical-free has some sort of certification to prove their products are all-natural are high-quality products. If they do, well it is a good thing. If not, then you have every right to be skeptical about its products.

Secondly, watch out for their ingredients list. If they are natural, you will be able to identify most of the items. If you are unable to, the internet is always at your rescue. You can have a detailed description of each of the ingredients, like if it is natural or not, if it is good for your skin or not etc.

Are Winnie’s Candor Products All Natural?

The answer is YES. Winnie's Candor products are all-natural, handcrafted and made without the use of synthetic or non-synthetic chemicals. The products are high in quality and we do have an ISO certification which proves this. Most of our ingredients are derived from plants and some from animals like milk and money. The reason we have ventured into natural skincare products because we understand the importance of clean beauty and how it can help your skin look better than ever.

Does that mean Winnie's Candor Natural Skin Care Products have a shelf life of just a few days? Well, not really. Most of our products are available in powdered form. There is no moisture content in them. This automatically increases its shelf life.

To sum up, not all products that claim to be 100% natural can be so. However, some definitely are. You just have to look out for ingredients list and check if those ingredients are good for your skin or not.