How do you start your day?

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What is the first thing you do in the morning still while lying on the bed?
  1. Check mobile for facebook / Instagram comments, office mails or
  2. Worried about menu items to cook for today or
  3. Thinking how to boost up Sales today or
  4. Thinking whether husband/friends will talk after yesterday’s not so good discussion
  5. Worried about not completing office tasks yesterday.

So, the mind is continuously running with some thoughts from the start of the day.

Start looking in the mirror first thing in the morning.
Your skin is glowing, but all the above factors keep you in worry state right from the beginning of the day. We are brainstorming our minds hence not feeling fresh.  That shows up on our face and we get bugged up with the regular chores while making our kid ready for school, cleaning house, having breakfast with husband and it goes on.  We do not understand in this phase that because of these constant thoughts in mind, the impact is on the family and affecting you. After some time, you find yourself lost in the world.
Sleep is another factor in which everyone knows that if it is not complete, we can see its implications reflecting the next day. Some factors like eating from time to time and early at night, sleeping 7-8 hours and following a proper diet keep us strong and healthy. But in today’s mobile world, we hardly follow this. Either we stay busy with social media or office work but hardly give time for our kids. At the end of the day, the result is I should have got up early today, I should have spent some time with my kid, I should have done this and that. The mind is full of regrets. So, we do not feel complete and relax which affects our sleep again and the next day is up. The daily cycle continues until we grow old. This is the life of every woman which is ignored today. We want to keep in pace with others so that we are not bullied. But we fail to understand the consequences of this busy life.
My aim in writing this blog is to create awareness among women that first, no job is big or small, easy or difficult, high or low. This comparison is created by us only. So, think from another way around. Being a housewife is the most difficult job though it is considered nothing great as a whole day woman is at home. Keeping the house clean and maintaining the same every day is also a great job for which we are not getting paid, but this gives us greater happiness as we are taking care of our family and keeping them happy. Secondly, maintaining home as well as doing office work is also good for women as we keep ourselves busy and add some income to the family. Office work may involve lots of traveling that may be hectic for one or exciting for others. Women should make choices for these as per their convenience.
We are missing out on a very important point in this routine life that can really boost confidence and add excitement to live. And that is taking care of ourselves and our skin. Your skin and your body pattern are what others see and you start behaving according to how others see you and talk to you losing your own self. We have one life to live so why not make each day a memorable one. Instead of looking into other’s lives and pointing their mistakes, let us look at ourselves. Where do you see yourself when you look in the mirror? Is your skin looking oily or dry or with darks spots? Is that affecting your personality? Are you losing your self-confidence just because of this? Have you tried any products? Are you fed up with no results?
Don’t worry! 😊
Would you think of something which is chemical-free and natural skincare which when applied on the body works wonders without affecting the skin? This works wonders for all skin types whether it be for kids or for adults. Yes, we at Winnie’s Candor, being one of the top skincare brands of India, provide a great solution for people who have skin allergies, who are prone to pimples/acne/pigmentation, people with oily or dry skin tones and need treatment for chapped lips.
Winnies’s Candor  - Your Gateway to Beautiful Skin offers Premium Skincare Products for your delicate skin. GHARELU NUSKA with royal ingredients is a great combination for your skin.
Here is our catalog for your reference:
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Natural skincare products will never have any side effects on the skin which is the greater advantage over using the chemical products as chemical products can give you faster results, but it is not suitable for every person as well as the effect may be temporary. All the products of Winnie’s Candor keep your skin moisturized with the cleansing effect on the face as well as the body. Different products like powdered facewashes whether it is chocolate/coffee/green tea can be used daily while face pack/pimple pack/ scrub can be applied once or twice a week. Hair oil and Hair Serum are stressbuster and treat hair naturally.
Using these products will increase your self-confidence. You will find yourself as a completely different person ready to face the world.
Let us welcome each day with a new you by giving some time of the day for ourselves and the rest for the family and work.
Let us plan to accomplish below 3 tasks daily:
  1. Work on your skin and body to get back your self-confidence
  2. If you have a kid, spend an hour daily with him in some activity
  3. See anyone or two of your home/office/business tasks is completed for the day
Plan the above activities right in the morning so your mind is stable as you know what to focus on for the day and you will be satisfied by the end of the day. Get good sleep and get up fresh for the next day. Also, do not get your eyes on the mobile-first thing in the morning. You can pray and thank god for the new day.
Thank you for reading this blog written by me, Twinkle Agarwal. Skincare was a small section I covered in this blog. I will come up with more examples in the next blog for all the above activities we plan to accomplish. Till then, please add your comments below about this blog and do visit our website for sure.

  • Miral on

    Wow this r small things but plays a significant role on our daily routine..well explained

  • Twinkle Agarwal on

    Thank you, Rachna. Glad to hear you liked our blog. I have tried to bring up the common routine of every individual where each one of us forgets our ME time in this busy life. :)

  • Rachna Iyer on

    Loved the blog, lots of things we know but don’t follow.. Thanks for pointing out them for us..

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