Does Makeup Really Cause Acne?

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Yes, it does. But don’t get worried as yet because not all makeup products cause acne. You have to keep a close watch on the ingredients used in your make up products because some of them might clog pores and cause acne breakouts. However, one should know that there are many factors that lead up to acne and applying makeup is just one of them.

Now, if makeup is one of the contributing factors in acne then you should definitely know what is there in these products that you must totally avoid. Because sometimes, the products that you use for hiding your blemishes can actually be the ones causing it in the first place. So, here is the list of ingredients from makeup products that are likely to cause those unwanted and most hated bumps on your face.

  1. Alcohols – Alcohol is neither good for health nor for your skin. It is often used in makeup products to ensure that it penetrated deep into your skin so that your makeup stays all day long. However, alcohol has the tendency to dry your skin which in turn can cause dehydration as well as irritation.
  2. Parabens – Parabens are harmful to our skin and everyone knows that. This is why, while promoting a skin product, “paraben-free” is often the major highlight. However, it is still added in many makeup products to increase their shelf life. Paraben can interfere with the endocrine system and also trigger hormonal flare-up resulting in acne.
  3. Fragrances & Dyes – These elements certainly gives a pleasant smell and better appearance to the makeup products but are very unpleasant for your skin. They contain strong chemicals that can cause skin irritation and acne.
  4. Silicones – This ingredient is mostly used in foundations and concealers to provide a smooth and silky texture to the skin. However, the sad part is silicones cause dry skin and clogged pores which in turn cause acne
  5. Acrylics – This is often used in makeup products as it helps the ingredients stick together. However, for your skin, it is just like putting up plastic on your face which will seal anything underneath thereby clogging your pores.

The best thing would be to use natural skin care products, as well as natural, makeup products that do not contain any harmful chemicals that damages your skin in the long run. If you cannot switch to all-natural, then at least try to avoid products that contain the above-mentioned ingredients.


Can you Avoid Acne Caused Because of Makeup?

Of course, you can. The preventive measure would certainly avoid makeup products like alcohol, paraben and other harmful ingredients that clog your pores, irritates your skin and cause other damaging effects. Know what suits your skin and immediately give on those that cause any kind of allergic reactions. Apart from this, here is a list of 5 preventive measures for acne cause because of makeup.

  1. Clean Your Brushes Regularly – Yes, the rule of hygiene applies to your makeup brushes as well. Although you do not have to clean them daily after every application but make it habit to clean your brushes every week or in 15 days. Dirty brushes maybe a grooming ground for bacteria which will affect your face.
  2. Going to Bed without Removing Makeup – Although some might say it doesn’t matter but it certainly does. When you sleep, your skin also finds time for relaxation but when it is covered in layers of makeup and does not have a chance to breathe, how will it relax. Moreover, when you sleep without removing your makeup, it increases the chances of products settling in your skin thereby increasing the chances of breakouts as well as enlarged pores.
  3. Applying Makeup with Unclean Hands – Unclean hands does not really mean that you have visible impurities. Your hands touch so many things throughout the day and all of them are certainly not sanitized. And, when you touch your face with those, you are likely to accumulate all the collected bacteria, germs and what not to your face, thereby increasing the chances of acne. So, if you prefer hands for applying some of your makeup products, make sure to clean them properly before you touch your face with them.
  4. Ignoring Allergic Reactions – There are times when you love a makeup product or brand so dearly but it does not suit your skin as well as it suits others. If a makeup product causes flare-ups or any sort of allergic reaction on your skin, give up on it immediately, no matter how much you like it. What might suit others might not suit you.

A major proportion of girls love makeup and there is no doubt in that. It helps them enhance their beauty and make them feel confident. However, the bitter truth about makeup is that it can cause acne too. So, make sure to place close attention to the ingredients list of your makeup products. Avoid products that contain harmful chemicals that are likely to cause skin irritation or breakouts. Also, observe how your skin feels when you apply makeup products. If it feels a sensation of burn or irritation, remove that product from your makeup kit.

Apply makeup but with attention.