Are you a FAN of Yourself?

Do you remember the Movie of Shahrukh Khan FAN? He was his own JABRA FAN which made him BAG that film where he danced himself in front of the mirror. Many added the Rational!
But.. when you find the Air Element in you, it will be true serendipity for yourself.
If anyone has the audacity to slam you, smile at that point in time. Do not argue and spoil your positive aura. Instead, Use your FIRE TATVA in building yourself every day. Remember when you leverage your work you will definitely succeed. Overnight everything is impossible, it is purely a way of misguidance.
For example- Chemical products are not in demand currently. Natural Skincare brands in India have made there way. Natural products do not give you overnight results in the same way your hard work does not give you overnight results. It will give you results when you are consistent.
Be a genuine fan of yourself,
Creating your own value really matters.

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