7 Foods for Healthy Hair

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Who doesn’t want healthy hair? Everyone, right? But, does everyone do enough to maintain healthy hair? Well, that is a tough question to answer. However, many people do follow the hair routine religiously. They take hair spas and treatments to maintain healthy hair but still hair loss doesn’t leave them alone. Now, why does that happen? Well, the answer is simple. They do not look after their nutrition.

Yes, eating good food is important not just to maintain a healthy body but to maintain healthy hair too. Eating properly balanced diets can promote hair growth and help you maintain healthy hair. So, here is a list of 7 foods for healthy hair. You can pick some of your favorite food items from here and make them part of your daily diet.

  1. Berries: They are amazing, aren’t they? They are not just delicious but also rich in Vitamin C which is crucial for healthy hair. Vitamin C shields your hair follicle as well as your scalp skin to keep them in the best shape. Vitamin C is also used by the body to produce collagen which strengthens your hair and also prevents it from becoming brittle and breaking.
  2. Spinach: This leafy green vegetable is loaded with so many important nutrients for healthy hair like iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate.
    Important Tip: Deficiency of iron is said to be one of the major reasons for hair loss. So, even if you don’t like spinach, get inspired by “Popeye” and eat it, not to have muscles like him but to have healthy hair.
  3. Sweet Potatoes: This food is a rich source of beta-carotene which is converted to Vitamin A by our body. This vitamin then speeds up the rate of hair growth, makes your hair thicker and also prevents other hair follicles from regressing.
  4. Nuts: Nuts are one of the most convenient food items that you will ever come across. They are easy to carry, curbs your hunger and are loaded with so many beneficial nutrients for healthy hair. They contain Vitamin B, zinc, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids.
  5. Beans: Beans are not just tasty; they are rich sources of protein too and protein is essential for hair growth. Beans are also a rich source of zinc, iron, and biotin all of which are crucial for hair growth.
  6. Orange: This juicy fruit is rich in Vitamin C which is important for the production of collagen which in turn is important for healthy hair. In addition, this vitamin is also needed by the body for the absorption of iron, which is crucial for healthy hair.
  7. Carrots: Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A which is of the important nutrients for healthy hair. The best part about carrots is that you can either eat them raw or even drink their juice.

To sum up, what you eat reflects on your hair. If your goal is to have healthy hair and not go bald with age, include healthy food in your daily diet and cut down on junk food and other unhealthy foods.