5 Hair Care Myths You Need to Stop Believing

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Since I was a child, I was always awed by long beautiful hair and I always wanted my hair to be like that. When people around me came to know about this, they gave me all types of haircare tips some of which sounded quite weird and hard to believe. But the heart wants what it wants and you do whatever it requires. So, I tried a lot of tips in order to get long beautiful hair. However, to my disappointment, some of these tips didn’t work at all even though I followed them religiously. This led to very important self-realization that not everything about hair care is true. Some of them are pure myths. So, here I am busting 5 of the most common myths about hair care which you need to stop believing right away.

5 Hair Care Myths

  1. Cut Often to Make Your Hair Grow Faster – Well, the science of hair does not really work that way. You cut your hair from the bottom but your hair grows from the follicles. So how is this even connected? Well, yeah you are thinking right. There is no relation at all. The only reason, you are advised to have trim is to remove damaged cuticles so that your hair looks beautiful and even.
  2. Shampoo Loses its Effectiveness When User Over for a Long Period for Time – Well, there is no proof to back this statement. We all know, how hard it is to find the perfect shampoo and conditioner that provides you with desired results. Now, if you have to give it us every year because of the statement above, it will be really sad, isn’t it? Well, the good news you don’t have to. If something works for you, you can stick to it. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to try out new products. Because if you will never try, you will never come to know if something can provide even better results.
  3. Split Ends can be Repaired – No, they can’t be. Once, your cuticles are damaged and split into parts, there is no way you can seal them back together. The only solution is to get them trimmed. Don’t get wooed by the products and treatments that claim that they can repair your split-ends because they can’t.
  4. Brush Your Hair 100 Times a Day - This is one of the silliest hair care tips I have ever received. Now, who keeps a count of this and seriously who has time for this. You brush your hair till they are completely untangled and your hairbrush can pass through your hair smoothly. There are no target strokes that you have reached. You brush when it is required.
  5. If you Pluck Grey Hair, two More will Grow in its Place – Well, it is your hair and not amoeba that if you cut it, it will multiply. Most importantly, only one hair grows from one follicle. So, even if you pluck it, only one grows from it. Yes, if you pluck it, it can damage your hair follicle thereby hindering your hair growth.

So, these were the most common myths that I got to hear too often. What were the hair care myths that you came across?