herbal face scrub

Use our herbal face scrub to experience the best of nature. With the natural line-up of ingredients like neem, papaya, rose, orange, almonds, sandalwood, Korean clay, and Korean elastic, this scrub becomes a favourite choice when it comes to adorning a radiant skin. Neem and Papaya helps in removing the dead cells, while Korean clay and elastic rejuvenate the skin. Add this scrub to your daily routine, for guaranteed glowing and radiant skin.

Key Benefits:
  • With the medicinal benefits of neem, this scrub helps in reducing acne and pores
  • It works wonders on pigmentation and blackheads
  • The soft texture of Papaya removes dead cells from the skin, thus making the skin soft and clear
  • When applied regularly, the scrub gives a healthy glow to the skin
  • Almonds and other ingredients ensure that the skin is rejuvenated and nourished